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We knew it! Zuchu is not Diamond Platnumz type

December 30, 2022 at 13:13
We knew it! Zuchu is not Diamond Platnumz type

Okay, after months of trying to convince us that he is dating Zuchu….singer Diamond Platnumz recently revealed he never dated the WcB singer as reported earlier.

The singer addressed this in his new song where he is heard singing;

Zuchu with alleged lover, Diamond Platnumz

 Wewe ndio mwisho wa reli, kwako naweka nukta. Waliokuambia natoka na Zuchu si kweli wanazusha. Wao ndio kazi yao sisi kutuhukumu…

Well, not quite sure who he blames for spreading the false information on his love life; but then again you remember that Diamond Platnumz mum was among the first people to comfirm Zuchu was dating her son. So was it another clout chasing stunt?

Diamond Platnumz

However, looking back – you’ll realize that this time around not many fell for this stunt – meaning even his confession on not dating Zuchu was already something his fans already knew.

Diamond Platnumz replaces Donna with look alike

Well…I guess something else that made this relationship look fake is the fact that we all know the kind of women Diamond Platnumz likes….that is petite, light skinned and mixed – and looking at Zuchu- clearly she wasn’t his type.

I mean look at Zari Hassan, Tanasha Donna, Lyyn and producer Majani’s daughter….they’re all mixed.

Anyway nice try since the clout also helped Zuchu gain massive recognition in most African countries after she was linked to Simba.


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