We need an explanation of why Bahati got a useless government position

Bahati almost always seems to fail up. Remember that last year he was vying for This government seems hellbent on creating useless posts for either the wives of the two principal leaders (president and his deputy) or for random Kenyan celebrities like Azziad and the former gospel singer not to mention Carol Radull na kadhalika.

‘Inaeza Kataa Kusimama’- Bahati Tells Diana As He Refuses To Do A Vasectomy

The creation of a tourism position for sijui ati Dubai makes no sense. If we say he is meant to promote Kenyans going to Dubai, then the Kenyans that go to the place don’t need him to convince them. And on the flipside, the people in Dubai don’t give a damn about Bahati nor can he convince them to do anything so this post makes no sense.

I want you to recall the fact that this same government was the one that once elected started singing about the cash coffers being empty. They are the same guys who have been telling Kenyans we need to tighten our belts because hakuna pesa.

Bahati’s baby mamas prove blended families never work – they just put up a ‘happy’ act

Now, for some reason, Bahati has become a beneficiary of this nonsense. One has to wonder to what end this has happened. What is the metric with which we are using to measure the success of his appointment?

Or are we meant to just pray and hope this blessing, a byproduct of garbage policies, falls on us? That makes no sense whatsoever. That is essentially the politics of poverty.

Kenyans are hypocrites for going after Bahati and his bhangi gang

Bahati has done nothing wrong. We need to actually appreciate that fact. He is simply a symptom of a broken system. A system that thinks it can bribe influencers and hoodwink Kenyan youth into accepting this flawed system.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

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