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We need to pay attention to Chebet Ronoh’s cry for help

March 23, 2021 at 13:29
Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh has been posting some content on social media that was then captioned “Depression” and this missed the attention of alot of people but I would like to call attention to it especially for the people who consider her their friend.

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You see, her life seems (even to the) casual observer to have taken a turn for the worse after she first left NRG Radio then was hired by HomeBoyz Radio only to get the boot once more.

Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh makes major radio comeback 8 months after NRG exit was to join HomeBoyz

And the toll this rollercoaster took on her psyché was evident even in her content which she began to post infrequently before she tapered off entirely on that and we started hearing rumours of her only ever spending her days drinking and partying.

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Chebet Ronoh is clearly not in a great place with regards to her mental health -to me and I can’t state enough that this is my opinion but when someone posts something telling you where their head is at, regardless of how uncomfortable the topic being addressed is, you have to address it.

Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh in a swimsuit

You see, the topic of mental health issues is one that Kenyans are only beginning to understand and address. We used to view it as people either being lazy or just acting “spoilt”. But we now know better and need to do better.

Why the Chebet Ronoh story is a sad one

Ronoh is literally letting us know she needs help and this is something her friends cannot downplay nor walk away from. And thing is, they too need to seek advice on how best to address the issue because sometimes, the feeling waxes and wanes. And that is why some regrets people have about addressing the issue their friend has raised is that “marehemu alikuwa an furaha leo hata siwezi amini“.

Chebet Ronoh

Chebet Ronoh posing for a selfie

So what now? Well, you can start by actually doing wellness checks. Different people, different points of the day. And while at it, why not encourage her to seek therapy so she can not only address the issues driving her depression or even get her referred to a psychiatrist if she needs anti-depressants but we cannot afford to stand by and act like this is not a cry for help.

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Or maybe it is a bad joke but what do you lose ensuring that is not the case? A five-minute phone call isn’t too much to ask from her friends and family. But whatever the case may be, at the end of the day, the day will end.

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