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We now know why Pierra Makena was unhappy with scantily clad DJs

July 15, 2022 at 21:54
We now know why Pierra Makena was unhappy with scantily clad DJs

Pierra Makena decided to show off her rather sexy and lithe body. And the transformation is just jaw shattering! To see the mother of one drop about an estimated 15-20 KGs and truly bring sexy back is a death worth celebrating.

Pierra Makena on female DJ’s selling nudity and not experience

It has taken a lot of hard work and self-discipline for her to actually get her body down to this amazing size. And let me tell you, she is firmly in the MILF category. And that is high praise.

Puerra Makena would have been the calibre of wife a high value man would have loved and cherished. She is clearly the type of woman who understands that men are visual creatures and she knows she needs to maintain her physique because it is one of her biggest selling points.

“I just don’t give a f*ck” Pierra Makena responds to trolls dragging her about her cameltoe

At this juncture we can segue into the fact that she was complaining just about the fact that female DJs were using their bodies to sell their brands and book gigs? It wasn’t even 6 months ago when this was a hot button issue for our dear DJ.

Pierra Makena

Perhaps she was right but at the same time, the pot was calling the kettle black. You see, for a long time, Kenya’s most renown female DJ banked on her sexual appeal to draw big crowds.

Pierra Makena Finally Told The Truth About Being A Single Mum

I was never at any of Pierra Makena’s parties because I was pretty young but from what I recall, few of the older-heads I am around seem to rate her performances. However, she had a trump card her male peers didn’t and she wasn’t shy to use it: she was sexy and knew she was desirable to men so all her photo ops and event posters featured her in skimpy, sexy outfits as did her performances. Pierra Makena wasn’t shy about using her assets but do you know who was? The female members of her audience.

Pierra Makena

And now we understand why she was pressed about the fact that the young upcoming female DJs (especially from SA were using their bodies to market themselves, she realised she couldn’t compete because she was fat.

“I went through h*ll” Pierra Makena opens up on struggles as a single first time mum

SWEETHEARTS MKO AJE LEO? Listen….years ago I was dead terrified about what will people say!! I Was overweight..I got trolled and peoples opinion became my daily bread… I covered myself..I was not proud of myself and I hated me all because of few peoples opinions. One day I turned around and realised that I don’t need to take it. And my life changed.

Brah, this is a smart woman. She understands her audience and as a result, she knew what they wanted to see from her. And she has done what any smart businessman does under the same circumstances; given the audience what they want.

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