We Saw It Coming- Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Hint On Break-Up

By now, we won’t be flabbergasted if Amber Ray breaks up with flashy businessman Kennedy Rapudo. We’re used to the fact that Amber just can’t settle with one man for long. And this has manifested itself over & over.

Socialite Amber Ray and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo might no longer be together. On social media, the two lovebirds have recently unfollowed each other;  hinting trouble in paradise.

A cross-check on Amber Ray’s social media shows that she has gone ahead to delete photos of her in tandem with Rapudo.

The two lovebirds are already expecting a baby together as Amber is heavily pregnant. Adding salt to injury, the two were already engaged late last year; and were ready to do their wedding.

In a video shared by Amber Ray on Instagram, the proposal took place at a beachfront and had a simple yet elegant presentation.

There was a red carpet and lit lamps and candles on the sides leading to an intimate set up where Rapudo could be seen going down on one knee and talking to her fiancée, seemingly asking her to be his wife.

Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo officially engaged - The Standard Entertainment

Dazzled in a red dress, Amber Ray looked surprised by Rapudo’s gesture before agreeing to marry the businessman.

Amber Ray and Rapudo have very different personalities. While Rapudo tends to fancy a private & low-key love life, Amber does the opposite. These are among their differences that were imminent to cause their break-up. Amber should have probably opted for a celebrity just like her.

The reason for their break-up is yet to be confirmed.

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