Waiting to exhale: Why we should all support Mulamwah finally speaking out

Image: Mulamwah’s reaction after his Twitter account got suspended following public uproar

Mulamwah had a rather uncharacteristic outburst on social media that caught many flat-footed. He shared some scandalous information about his relationship with Carol Sonnie and the circumstances surrounding their breakup and the internets were outraged.

“Aki kevo wewe” Mulamwah exposes identity of Carrol Sonnie’s lover, man she allegedly cheated on him with

Perhaps it was because of the nature of the content which included a supposedly aborted zygote or perhaps it was because he went as far as doxxing the man she was cheating on him with and also hinted (not so subtely either) at an STI. Or perhaps it was because a lot of netizens found this outburst to be very masculine.

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

Whatever your take on the matter, one thing that’s true is that he is clearly not wrong for sharing the story because it is also his story to tell. Besides that, Mulamwah had warned Carol Sonnie to stop milking the story of their breakup and dragging his name through the mud. She has been going from interview to interview and also sharing too much information on her social media accounts despite his warnings.

Mulamwah Discloses Ex-Girlfriend Carol Terminated First Pregnancy, It Wasn’t A Miscarriage (Screenshot)

What shocks me (and this is a tangential side note) is the number of men willing to white-knight and jump on their swords for the wayward woman in question. It was so disgusting to see how many people were willing to crucify the comedian over his revelation of his perspective of the breakup. Kenya truly is a simp nation.

Mulamwah’s baby bump shoot

But what we witnessed was a man who was frustrated to his limits and the dam burst. Nah, really, the hurt and betrayal that Mulamwah has been subjected to and the subsequent humiliation was too much for any man to bear. And the previous day, she came out with some vapid advice that painted the guy as a violent partner so ofcourse he would snap and finally tell his side of the story and many were shocked that he was calculated enough to come with receipts.

“Toka kwa hiyo ndoa” Mulamwah’s ex advise to women living in abusive relationships

Imagine (if you would) being cheated on, your partner conceiving from that tryst -meaning she didn’t use protection- then her continuously gaslighting you and claiming you were violent. Imagine the uncertainty that comes with the later birth of your alleged child… I mean, even if a paternity test confirms you as the father, you would still forever be disgusted with the fact that this Jezebel was the vessel that blessed you with a daughter wouldn’t you?

Mulamwah’s girlfriend flaunts post baby body curves

Ladies, if Mulamwah was replaced y your brother or your son, you would advise him to do what? To leave right? That is if you aren’t one of these toxic feminists who would sacrifice their own sons at the altar of their false god of equality (read misandrist).

‘She’s Too Beautiful To Be Mulamwah’s Child’- Oga Obinna Says Keilah Is Not Mulamwah’s Daughter (Video)

This man has finally shared with the world his own inner thoughts and take on the whole affair. And to be honest, I do not think it will damage Carol Sonnie’s standing as an influencer because Nairobi ladies are just scummy enough to prop her up and claim her to be the victim of cyber bullying. Yet this man has had his entire mental wellbeing beated ragged, beaten black and blue by the one person he thought would at the bare minimum, be forever grateful to him for putting her onto the platform that is celebrityhood.

And that is why I support Mulamwah finally getting to tell his story. He has been waiting to exhale for so long, I am sure his lungs are truly happy for the breath of fresh air. Now that he has had his say, he needs to receed back into the silence and let the chips lie where they fall.

It’s time Mulamwah maintained sharap about Carol Sonnie

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