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‘We Were Just Working On A Project’ Flaqo Clears Up Dating Rumours With Notiflow

May 07, 2021 at 10:48
'We Were Just Working On A Project' Flaqo Clears Up Dating Rumours With Notiflow

A month ago, musician Notiflow and content creator Flaqo were rumoured to have been dating after a viral video of them getting cosy circulated social media.

In the video, Notiflow can be seen pecking Flaqo, who doesn’t respond back. The video sparked various reactions, with some hailing Flaqo for bagging such a beauty. Turns out, the two were just planning to work on a project when they met; and Flaqo was giving Notiflow directions to the washrooms when she decided to take the video.

Just Friends

Flaqo & Noti Flow dating !?😳😳 - YouTube

Flaqo cleared up the rumours in an interview with Keranta; where he claimed nothing else was going on between them, other than planning the ‘project’.

”People don’t even know what happened because Notiflow and I were supposed to do content. It’s a certain script I was looking for a female artist to do. We were discussing the script kwa restaurant… So, mi nimepeleka Notiflow washrooms. Nilikuwa staycation there I know the directions. So, kumpeleka uko, she wanted to take a snap… So me I posed there then mi nashtukia kidogo ameni peck… I was confused…”

Flaqo continued to say he never expected everything that happened in that moment and didn’t know she was going to post them on Instagram. Days later, Notiflow also posted a video getting cosy with comedian Eric Omondi in bed. Notiflow is definitely a pro in playing mind games with comedians.




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