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“We were never friends” Phoina addresses beef with Brenda Jons

March 30, 2022 at 13:40
“We were never friends” Phoina addresses beef with Brenda Jons

Phoina Beauty aka Wambui says she is a shy woman, likes to keep to herself and only has a small circle of friends. However unlike the socialites you see on social media, Ms Phoina Wambui likes to keep it classy and appears very disciplined which may explain the success behind her beauty businesses.

With said, Phoina has also opened up about her relationship with one actress Brenda Jons aka Mama Kingston; who had earlier accused her of stealing a girlfriend, Phy Lamar from her.

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Brenda Jon’s and Phoina beefing over girlfriend

Judging from the screen recordings taken during Brenda Jons live session; fans got to learn that Brenda was beefing with Phoina over a girl they were both involved with. Actually, Brenda mentioned that she had introduced her girlfriend, Phy Lamar to Phoina – only for for the two to play her behind her back.

Phoina speaks of the beef

However, speaking during a recent with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani – Phoina addressee the alleged beef for the first time; and turns out that she actually has no problem with Brenda Jons.

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The beautician said;

Bahati with vixen and business lady, Phoina

Mambo ya pombe usiongelee sana.Huyo dada alienda live akiwa intoxicated, she said whatever she said. She never came to me aniongeleshe, anipigie simu ama tuongee – you know – tujue ni nini inaendelea. Alafu pia hayo ni mambo ya kitambo…wanasema yaliyopita si ndwele…

Phoina went further to reveal that she had never met Brenda in person; but having mutual firings brought them together hence used to chat via social media and nothing more.

She has never been my friend, she was never my friend. Simkani mbele ya watu, we used to chat.


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