We were right about Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray have given me a blast from the past and reminded me of my love for hip-hop. If there’s a hip-hop line that it comes from Snoop Dogg and says you can’t make a heaux a housewife.

We Saw It Coming- Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Hint On Break-Up

In this case both of them would be the heaux! Because on his end, he seems to have a history of not being a responsible father if any of the ramblings we had on social media to be believed. Everything about is already well-documented including the allegations she was an actual pro…

Amber Ray

Anyone with half a functioning brain could look at this couple and immediately see that neither Amber Ray nor Kennedy Rapudo are the type of people anyone should contemplate settling down with much less the two of them are contemplating settling down with each other.

Kennedy Rapudo Should Have Kept His Relationship With Amber Ray Out Of Social Media

However, there was a slight complication that arose; she quickly realised she was pregnant by him. This followed a rather short dating period that felt like more of a stage-managed stunt than real love and I recall being called out for being a hater when I pointed this out.

Amber Ray

The truth is, Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray are the type of individuals who should remain single because they have not worked at fixing the problems at the core of their being. We are just very fortunate that in this one occasion they wasted each other’s lives.

Kennedy Rapudo needs to protect his daughter from Amber Rayand the limelight

And once again we are forced to see that we are saddened by the fact that we were right. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that all this was merely a publicity stunt because I wouldn’t put such things be on them. These two slime buckets at the type to do anything in pursuit of clout.

Amber Ray engaged

My thoughts now drift towards their unborn child and the type of damage Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray have visited to their already existing children. This is yet another great reminder of why one should not try and settle down with a career single mother nor an infamous deadbeat father and why single mothers need to tread carefully when allowing there children to be exposed to a celebrity co-parent’s lifestyle.

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