We were right about Mejja Genge’s ex being inlove with him

Mejja’s ex want to be with him and I mean, at this point, I am about to only highlight the instances I get wrong. Why? Because this is going to be the last time I highlight the fact that I got things right. The situation is mad if you had made up your mid to contradict what I had to say because I am clearly right 99.9% of the time.

‘He Was Cheating On Me, Aliniita Malaya’- Mejja’s Ex-Girlfriend Milly Wairimu Speaks On Their Break-Up

Mejja’s ex keeps dredging up their past because she is still hang up on him and she believes that having his attention (even if it is negative attention) by any means necessary is adequate for her and this is why she keeps acting up and causing drama with her utterances and actions.

The last time I spoke about her, what I said was, “Yesterday was Mejja’s birthday and what was a rather hilarious turn of events, his ex-wife(?) decided to let the world know she is still not over him.
Why do you think Milly (her names are Milly Wairimu) kept up with his birthday and the celebration of the fact?

Mejja must be slangin’ because his ex can’t get over him!

I mean, she posted a hateful message that showed she still harbours anger and ill will towards him but the underlying message was that she is still not over his fat self.

Mejja with ex, Milly Wairimu

And we have to be honest about why that might be. Because when the truth is told, he isn’t exactly the best looking of men. The brother has a big head and a rather personal face. But he is tall so maybe that offsets that. He is fat but he is also hilarious and creative.

‘Normalize Moving On’- Fans React To Mejja’s Ex-Wife Obnoxious Birthday Wish

He is a celebrity but he is out of shape. Nah, really though, Mejja sweats buckets from walking up an aeroplane’s flight of stairs. So what could it possibly be that has this woman completely stuck on him?

Mejja’s ex

Sure he has swagger and confidence but I think those two elements of his personality are from knowing he is slangin’ meat!

Mejja’s Ex-Girlfriend Milly Reveals Why They Broke Up (Screenshot)

I said it. I truly believe what has this woman completely hung off Mejja, is the fact that he has life-changing meat slangin’ tactics that left her entirely dickmatized. That is why after an entire year, she is still looking to be a blimp on his radar because he is representing all of us men with personal faces: he found a way to hack the system.

And she doesn’t want to get over him because she has not found any other man who can replace him in the bedroom. Let it sink in. A year on, she still remembers to wish him a happy birthday takes effort. She has to have actively decided to remember his day and then put in the effort to get her Instagram fingers a flexing.”

“I wish you nothing but a bad life, Idiot!” Ex Wife to Mejja as he celebrates birthday

So as you can see, every assertion I made has been proven right.

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