We were right about Mulamwah and Nick Ndeda

Remember when we told you what we did about Nick Ndeda, Betty Kyallo’s ex and Mulamwah’s situation with Sonnie? No? Come on, you know that I know that you know we were right. Hold on, let me kick it back from the start.

Nick Ndeda confirms breakup with Betty Kyallo, but says ‘they are still good friends’

We here at Ghafla had told you that Nick Ndeda had broken up with Betty Kyallo and we diagnosed the issues that are leading Betty Kyallo down the path of consistently being “down bad”. We also looked at Sonnie and Mulamwah’s breakup and suggested the reason that led them down this path of being down bad.

Betty Kyallo and boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

With Nick Ndeda, we promised Betty Kyallo that the same way her relationship had started is the exact same way it would end. We also went on to suggest that perhaps Sonnie’s child is not Mulamwah which is us stating that she had stepped out on the comedian. We were right on both accounts.

Mulamwah hints ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie had ‘someone on the side’

In the case of Betty Kyallo’s ex, he walked out of his marriage and the two began canoodling in secrecy before they finally were forced into the limelight. However, he walked away with the dub. He collected the win in this situation. Why? He was able to get more eyeballs on his podcast aswell as attention to his legal practice.

Mulamwah, Carol Sonnie
Mulamwah with Carol Sonnie in happier days for the pair

What about Sonnie’s ex? Well, he too walked away with a win. He got to understand female nature aswell as watching his now single mother ex stumble around trying to defend herself from allegations she had cheated.

The baby question: Quick math betrays Mulamwah and Sonnie’s breakup

What lies in the future for Nick Ndeda? Well, nothing really. He will continue to keep doing his podcast and practicing law. However, he will now see his social media presence peter out into a crawl because let’s face it, we were only really interested in him because of his lady.


And as for Mulamwah, he is going to keep growing from strength to strength because we knew him for who he is before we started finding out about his then girlfriend. He will continue to focus on his business (he runs several bodabodas) and will doubtless add more business feathers to his cap.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

As for the two women, well, Betty Kyallo has become just another notch on yet another man’s bed. Now she will move on to the next one and the trend will continue unabated. I do not see a traditional relationship nor marriage in her skies. She has a child so I would advise her to focus on raising her and also focus on her career.

Mulamwah, Sonnie
Mulamwah’s ex Sonnie when she was pregnant

As for Sonnie, I guarantee she will eventually fade into obscurity because she is not known for her content and was simply known for being Mulamwah’s woman. I mean, sure she has a huge social media following but she will eventually bore them because a lot of them were only interested in her relationship. And now that she is a single mother (she’s still very beautiful and young though), I would advise her to settle down with the first serious simp who attempts to walk her down the aisle. But I guarantee you she will instead pop back up chasing the fame dragon by dating more and more celebrities.

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