We were right about Pritty Vishy and Madini Classic

Image: Pritty Vishy with bae, Madini

It was a farce all along! Pritty Vishy and Madini Classic were lying to their fans that they were an item but since you read Ghafla, you weren’t fooled. Right? Right?!

Madini Classic Addresses Break-Up With Ex-Girlfriend Pritty Vishy On Her 21st Birthday

I should probably be able to end on that important mic-drop moment but I will go on to call out everyone who thought that they were an actual couple because by this point we should be able to tell the difference between manufactured and real couples.

Pritty Vishy with younger sister

Pritty Vishy wanted us to believe that a man of Madini Classics level of status and looks was really into her for more than either a slump-buster or for clout? I hope she didn’t drink her own koolaid.

Why Pritty Vishy will never move on from Stevo Simple Boy

Why does he need to ride her clout? Well, he needed to surf that wave because she was the flavour of the week. She was what everyone was discussing and he figured he needed to revive his career.

Stevo with fiance, Gee

It truly is a pity he hasn’t put out any music while we were still discussing their relationship. As for Pritty Vishy, she’s back to discussing her ex, Stevo Simple Boy and we have to wonder why… Actually, we don’t. It’s envy.

Pritty Vishy is delusional thinking she made herself a star

She wants what Stevo Simple Boy is also pretending to be giving his beau. She has never really gotten over her ex and it shows every time she discusses him and we know it.

And there is simply no helping her unless she gets into a relationship with a man she feels is truly above Stevo Simple Boy’s status or has more money than he does. Until that happens, she will continue taking potshots at him and pretend she’s done nothing wrong.

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