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We were right about why Michelle Ntalami posts thirst traps

July 07, 2022 at 12:38
Michelle Ntalami caliente

Michelle Ntalami has come out to reveal she really would love to settle down with a man and start a family. This flies in the face of the fact that for the longest time she’s identified as a member of the Kenyan  LGBTQ brigade.

Michelle Ntalami has taken to posting thirst traps for attention

But this is nothing new if you’re an avid reader of mine because we had already mentioned why she does so albeit under the guise as a commercial endeavour. Think about it, didn’t it ever strike you as odd that a lesbian would often share thirst trap posts? Who were they geared towards?

Now that she has revealed she wants to eventually get into a heterosexual relationship, then we know Michelle Ntalami has been advertising all along, we just got the product wrong! It was always about her availability for the right man.

Michelle Ntalami is a tease no one should take seriously

“Any quasi-psychologist or student of humanity seated at the bar counter can see that these posts have precious little to do with her trying to help her clients move product. Why? Because she largely only ever gets endorsements for female products. That would negate her strategy. She is doing this for attention.
And Michelle Ntalami has every right to do what she wants on her page but we need to stop pretending it isn’t what it is or ascribing artistic intention to it. It is time for the naked truth.”

And while there’s nothing wrong with the fact that she is advertising her availability, the truth is that this is to the way to do it to attract the type of man she would ideally want to get with. No high-value man would take a 38-year-old woman who posts thirst traps seriously.

Why Michelle Ntalami uses her body to sell her products

Also, of interest was her long list of qualities she wants in said man. But Michelle Ntalami is a truly attractive woman despite her age and I am sure a lot of men are probably in her DMs right now trying to plead out their case and perhaps get into her pants and her life on a permanent basis.

Michelle Ntalami

One day we will discuss the fact that she is a very clear case of how immutable biology is with regards to men and women’s primal urge to procreate and then settle down but that is a conversation for another day. Today’s lecture was all about how we here at Ghafla had called it when we said she was looking for a man.

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