We were right: Maureen Waititu isn’t over Frankie

Image: Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Maureen Waititu isn’t over Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie Just Gym It and she is really beginning to lose a grip on just how well she had hidden the fact. You see, we had already noticed her slip on acceptance and healing but she had devolved further and at this point, every interview she gives is about the gymbrat.

Maureen Waititu: double-speak indicates deep seated anger and pain

Earlier when I first spoke on the matter, this was the conversation that was had:

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu giving Corazon Kwamboka a hard time?

“Maureen Waititu is a woman on fire! She is the embodiment of that Alicia Keys’ song and an additional bag of chips!

What was supposed to be a quick and easy subliminal attack on her ex-husband with her sustained media interview run revealing details about her failed marriage has evolved into a monster that she can no longer control once Frankie Just Gym It decided to clear the air about their co-parenting arrangement.

Jalang’o is right about men, dating and Maureen Waititu

My argument was premised on these very words she had spat out of her mouth:

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu and Frankie

“I do not know if he has ever cheated on me but there were issues of other women who were around. He is a very handsome man and the women in Nairobi are fisis. He might have been a loyal guy but there were so many women who used to be all up on him and maybe, just maybe, he did not know how to carry himself and entertain them. I do not know if he cheated or not and I do not want to know.”

This was an admission that her’s was an irrational fear not backed by any data. She had not observed Frankie doing rubbish. However, she is still unhappy with the fact that he has moved on. This doesn’t point at healing and it is made worse by the fact that she is making him the focus of her communication whenever some media house grants her an interview.

Maureen Waititu exposed for lying about Frankie Just Gym It being a deadbeat

The crux of our conversation today is the fact that Maureen Waititu has not only failed to heal since she dumped Frankie Just gym it but she has refused to even attempt to heal. She hasn’t made a solitary step in the direction of forgiving herself of her past and then forgetting her failed relationship. Perhaps it was because she was addicted to being the “it” couple. Perhaps it was due to the fact that with Frankie she was able to ascend to the pinnacle of every Kenyan’s ideal of what a relationship should be like complete with a handsome man in tow. Who knows?

The long and short of it however, is the fact that we can all see that she hasn’t healed.

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