“We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries,” Machachari star blames Kenyans for the show’s drastic fall

After a clean 13-year stint on our screens, the once popular Machachari show was no longer going to air but what netizens don’t know is, they were never told the whole story.

In a blunt revelation made barely hours ago by one of the co-stars, it is obvious that the kids got drifted apart eventually, despite the memories they made on set. A time none of them saw coming, but one that happened either way.

The Machachari crew

“Sometimes I ask myself was growing up a sin?” Malik aka ‘Govi’ posed.

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Before penning a remorseful letter that showed how much Kenyans and the media failed these child stars. The very same audience that had been pushing them forward, was nowhere to be seen at their lowest moments.

You all loved us when we were at the top,when we were winning awards and entertaining you all, on your screens. Most of you were eager to see us doing interviews and going for shows. BUT when all that stopped you started hating on these child stars..

Machachari’s fallen stars

Kids who grew into fame knowing that they had a strong support system but soon as age clocked in, they realized they had been sailing in a boat captained by selfish individuals who only wanted to serve their own interests.

The backlash

Children who got criticized, hated, abused and that became the order of the day. Not bearing in mind that not all of them came from well-to-do families and that is why they eventually fell apart.

The only questions you guys have is “mbona mliwacha kututengenezea content?” We all come from different environments, I might be financially stable but that doesn’t mean that all of us are stable.

Machachari’s Govi and Baha

“What happened to the support system?” is the question he poses to Kenyans.

“We were the sacrificial lambs of peanut salaries,” he says.

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What netizens failed to understand is that despite them being filmstars, they are still children, who need to make mistakes, learn from them and craft their own paths in life.

All I’m asking from you guys is give us time to grow, to make our mistakes. Shower us with your love and blessings. We are your children. Don’t ask us why we haven’t been to Hollywood yet we get no support from you guys.

Malik Lemuel aka Govi

And instead of the massive backlash, it would only be fair if Kenyans reached out to them to know their well-being instead of always judging and pointing fingers.

Trust you me when I tell you some guys among us have reached their lowest points in life and all they need is your love and support. I wont tag them coz you know them.

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