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“We won’t stop arresting you” Mike Sonko responds to DJs complaining about harassment

February 13, 2018 at 11:19
"We won't stop arresting you" Mike Sonko responds to DJs complaining about harassment

City DJs are protesting against police arrests. The likes of DJ Crème dela Crème and Kriss Darling have been very vocal about the arrests of their colleagues.

Police have been raiding parties and arresting DJs. Several DJs were arrested last Saturday night in a police swoop which sparked uproar and the start of hashtag #StopArrestingDJs.

Refrain or face the law

Mike Sonko however has no remorse for getting DJs arrested. The Nairobi governor warns that any form of noise pollution from clubs within residential areas would not be tolerated.

Sonko says DJs playing loud music in residential areas will be arrested.  He states that the rights of other people who want peaceful sleep will not be violated by DJs.

“The issue of arrest and harassment of DJs has come to my attention. I appreciate youths trying to make a living. However, DJs especially in the residential areas, should not violate the rights of Nairobians to a good working and living environment. Watoto wa shule and hard working Nairobians should be allowed to have a peaceful night so as to have productive days. In many cases bar owners and managers are never in the scene during operations thats why at some point our DJs are held responsible coz they’re the operators of the music machines. Also note that, we receive complains from residents before we act. Kwa hivyo tunaomba Djs waangalie hio,” wrote Mike Sonko.





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