Wedding Bells! Kenrazy confirms he will soon marry his baby mama in a white wedding

Image: Kenrazy and Sosuun

They must be the most adorable couple right now and from what we are hearing, Kenrazy has decided to put a ring on it! What could be better than that?

Rapper Kenrazy has confirmed that he is dedicated to trying the knot with the love of his life just to make everything official. Though they have lived together for long as man and wife and even have a family together, Kenrazy feels that it is time his woman stunned in a white wedding gown when they exchange their vows.

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This was announced by Nairobiwire who highlighted the story earlier today and judging from the baby bumps photos shared by the couple, there is no doubt that they are heading towards the alter very soon. Speaking during an interview Kenrazy said…

“We knew each other before all the fame. In her eyes, I am the most handsome man she knows and to me she is the most beautiful woman ever. Our families have supported us in a big way and we had a vision about the direction of our love from the word go.”

He went on to add that he is still in love with Sosuun like the first time he laid his eyes on her. Well, if you thought the Mbilikimo mkora was not romantic…then checkout what he said,

“We understand each other pretty well and we live every day like it’s our last day on earth. Sosuun is my wife and it’s only a wedding which is remaining. We will have our wedding soon.”

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