“Weezdom can confirm” Willy Paul opens up about his secret relationship with Diana Bahati back in the day

Image: Weezdom and Willy Paul

Willy Paul has found himself in yet another scandal involving sexual assault and unlike the times he would maintain his silence – this time around he has decided to fight back and the mess keeps getting uglier.

Well, just a few hours ago Diana Bahati released a detailed video narrating how Willy Paul almost raped her back in the day. From what she says is that they were friends who decided to link up; not knowing what Pozee had planned for her.

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Weezdom, Pozee and Bahati

So apparently the link up turned sour after she got in his car and as they drove he tried touching her sexually. When they got outside his apartment things escalated as Pozee allegedly tore down her clothes (skirt and blouse) trying to get on top of her. Anyway for more details you can watch the detailed YouTube video.

Willy Paul exposes secret relationship

Anyway having been accused by Bahatis wife of rape; Willy Paul has come out with his side of the story where he claims both him and Marua had a thing back in the day.

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Okay, he doesn’t necessarily say they were in a relationship but he bluntly reveals that they’ve been sexually involved; a secret Diana Marua was probably afraid of telling her husband, Bahati.

Diana Marua and Pozee

To confirm this, Pozee drags former gospel singer Weezdom in the scandal; hoping he would back him up about the time Marua was to meet him up after her saloon appointment. From how he speaks, looks like the conversations was smooth; which now leaves him wondering how Diana Marua would have turned against him that fast, changing the story into a rape attempt case.


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