Weezdom reveals real reason he cannot find a wife for himself

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Weezdom must be clowning if he thinks marriage is something he can hack. Not to judge but he hasn’t really been the best boyfriend to exes Mylee Stacey and Manzi wa TRM…not forgetting the fact he has 4 baby mamas somewhere.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

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Wait…the baby mamas. Imagine a man in his early 30’s with 4 kids from different women? Obvious red flags, right? Maybe not to all women judging from how the youngins throw themselves at him.

Remember how he humiliated Mylee Stacey by calling her a wh*re (takes one to one) went on to replace her with Manzi wa TRM? Then…wait, wait – then Mylee still took him back. And now I’m wondering…what does he have or do that has them sprang? Mmmh….

Ready for Marriage

Well, as we try to figure that but out, Weezdom now says he has been ready for marriage but unfortunately remains single.

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This is because every woman he has shown interest in, often opts to sit with the big boys. You know, the ones that don’t move into their girlfriends home or let their women pay off the bills? Something we’ve been told he is good at.

Anyway, he joked about wanting to settle down in a new post as he wrote;

Dear future kids, daddy is ready but mummy still wonna chill with the big boys.

Not surprising really….but is he addressing future kids when kwa ground he already has 4?

Weezdom must really be taking the Genesis 9:7 too serious, but who are we to judge?

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