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Weezdom warns ex girlfriend against using his name on interviews, tells her to move on

February 17, 2022 at 10:35
Weezdom warns ex girlfriend against using his name on interviews, tells her to move on

These Nairobi relationships never last especially those publicized on social media. If you remember well, about a year and a half ago Weezdom and Mylee were an inseparable couple. These two were all over each other, setting couple goals for the ‘youngins’ and hanging out with the cool kids of the industry.

Bahati and Weezdom with their beloveds

With their love blossoming like wild flowers, fans predicted that this would end in tears – especially with Mylee talking marriage few months after dating. Actually what I remember is fans telling her the relationship will end in tears (obvious red flags) but being head over heels – she literally laughed it off saying;

 To those people saying it will end in premium tears, it will end in ruracio, marriage, and healthy kids. Tears will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding.

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Well, barely a year into the relationship and Weezdom was already getting played (allegedly) by the lass. From what we heard is that Mylee got abit too generous akagawa to one of Weezdom’s friends.

Weezdom fed up with ex girlfriend

Anyway since the breakup, Mylee has been quite chatty  about her past relationship – and Weezdom now says it’s time for her to keep his name off her mouth.

Weezdom and girlfriend

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The guy told off his ex in a public announcement shared on his page where he said;

Somebody Tell Mylee Staicey that God Gave Me The Grace To Make You All Know Her.. Na Mimi Ni Mike Sonko Wa industry😊 Naishi Na Evidence ya Kila Kitu kuhusu Relationship Zangu So aache Kiki thru my Name.. Staki tuhaibishane🙏
Wishing Her All The Best.

From what I see is that the only way Mylee will keep her name and businesses afloat is by opening up about her past with Weezdom…but the sad is part is where she uses his ‘short comings’ to entertain fans.

But since two can play the game (According to Weezdom) let’s see what happens with the receipts he claims to have on her.


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