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Wema Sepetu proves body positivity is a crab in the bucket mentality

February 10, 2021 at 10:15
Wema Sepetu proves body positivity is a crab in the bucket mentality

Wema Sepetu is being shamed for actually gett8ing to the right size for a woman her height and age. Let that sink in for a minute. Her haters have been taking to her social media account to leave negative remarks about the fact that she has lost weight and is now the right BMI (body mass index) for her height.

Skeleton si figure: Wema Sepetu trolled for looking too skinny, asked to start eating

This is a rather interesting thing to note because it gives credence to the argument that body positivity as a movement isn’t for every woman but rather for women who are overweight and do not want to be held accountable nor reminded that it is actually immensely irresponsible to allow yourself to get to an unhealthy weight.

Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu is the latest instalment of this narrative as we have seen it repeated in the lives of Adelle, the UK singer and Anerlisa Muigai. You see, the fact of the matter is that obesity is actually unhealthy as it opens the door to some serious lifestyle diseases.

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Add to this the fact that we have proof that Covid-19 is a pandemic that wreaks havoc more on overweight individuals that those within the healthy range of BMI and weight. Yet when women like Wema Sepetu or Anerlisa Muigai decide to do something about their weight, they get pulled back down into the crab bucket.

Wema Sepetu

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has been on a steady weight loss journey

For whatever reason Wema Sepetu decided to lose weight, the mantra about body positivity should have helped her as it purports to celebrate every body type women have. Yet when you actually investigate the truth of this, you find it wanting as women like Neomi Ng’ang’a only ever seem to take issue with body-shaming when it is directed at fat women.

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You have to ask yourself why getting in shape and getting your life right is something Wema Sepetu is being attacked for. Could it be because she hasn’t done it “the right way”? Or could it be because they do not have the resources to get the same results by any means necessary? Because at the end of the day, whether she went under the knife, whether she hired a trainer, whether she went on a crash diet, it really is immaterial aslong as she is the right size and weight.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss is the cause of consternation

Perhaps the reason for the fact that Wema Sepeyu is being attacked by women is due to an innate fear of competition. She is unwed and is known to have a vibrant dating life. That might be a factor if you ask me because competition anxiety is a real thing.

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Or perhaps it is down to African culture that was misguided in its belief that fat women were beautiful because they had wealthy husbands and were not ravaged by the diseases that were part and parcel of life in pre-colonial Africa. But we live in a new day and age and are enlightened thanks to science so Wema Sepetu is on the right side of that.

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