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Wema Sepetu breaks down after losing her one and only baby

March 15, 2021 at 12:50
Wema Sepetu breaks down after losing her one and only baby

There is no better life than that of a super star. I mean…there is money, fun and of course funny-funny stunts that keep bloggers talking every now and then.

Talking about stunts – Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu is making headlines after losing her baby Manunu. Yes, Wema has a dog she considers her baby and this past weekend baby Manunu happened to get out of their compound straying away till date.

According to Wema Sepetu her baby Vanilla aka Manunu has been missing for 2 days now; and from the look of things, he might not get back home.

Baby Vanilla Manunu

My Dog amepotea…..‼️‼️‼️‼️ Kwa yoyote atakayemuona kokote please anijulishe kwa namba hii 0679749903… na kuna zawadi ya 1M… Amepotea Asubuhi hii… Please Guys Help me… Anaitwa Vanilla or Manunu… Amevaa kigauni cha Brown

However Wema has offered Tsh 2 million to anyone who will bring back baby Vanilla; who means more than the world to her. Through her IG Wema went on to write;

Wema Sepetu with her baby Manunu

I really want my Manunu BACK….!!! Natop Up pesa sio 1m tena ni 2M… mkimuona popote anaitwa Vanilla or Manunu…😩😩😩😩

Giving up

Seeing how everyone has turned this into a joke; Wema appears to have given up on finding her baby – that is judging from her latest post where she wrote;

Baby Vanilla

Please Just call Vanilla or Manunu anajua jina lake… PLEASE…😩😩😩

Well – last time i checked Wema Sepetu was obsessed with the Kardashians; and this right here is the outcome.


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