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Wema Sepetu makes U-turn, now wishes Diamond and Zari’s fake wedding could be real

June 04, 2018 at 10:08
Wema Sepetu makes U-turn, now wishes Diamond and Zari's fake wedding could be real

A few weeks ago Wema Sepetu commended Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto saying they make a perfect couple. The former beauty queen now says Diamond and Zari’s wedding could be spectacular.

While speaking to global publishers weeks ago, Wema said she would be happy if Diamond and Hamisa married each other. She stressed that she had no feeling whatsoever for Diamond, insisting that both of them moved on with their lives after the breakup in 2014.

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The U-turn

Wema commended Diamond upon releasing his new song ‘Iyena’ –  the music video shows the wedding between Diamond and Zari Hassan.

Wema insists that Zari and Diamond’s wedding would have been spectacular if it was real. She further implores Diamond to marry before 2018 comes to an end.

“New Track Alert…!!! Ila kama ingekuwa Pambe ingekuwa Kweli…. ???… Just thinking out Loud…. @diamondplatnumz Chibudeeee Fanya kweli bwana…. Inshallah mwaka huu hata mwakani… Tuje kucheza Baikoko sie… Cc @rayvanny Kazi nzuri…. ??????,” wrote Wema Sepetu.



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