Wema Sepetu needs to stop dredging up her past with Diamond Platnumz

Wema Sepetu has decided to remember something about Diamond Platnumz that she seemingly forgot for the longest time: he was abusive towards her.

Exposed! Wema Sepetu tearfully recounts how Diamond Platnumz used to beat her up while dating

You see, She always brings up Diamond Platnumz whenever she feels the need to drum up some attention for herself for whatever reason.

wema sepetu and diamond platnumz

The two were the “it” couple for a while back in the day and they dated for a healthy minute but when push came to shove, Wema Sepetu’s inability to have children became an issue that made them have to go their separate way.

Wema Sepetu stirs heated debate after questioning Diamond´s intentions for Tanasha Donna (Screenshot)

Anyway, since then, she has been dredging up her past whenever she feels a craving for attention or when her hustle is not getting the recognition she feels it deserves, she says the magic words, “Diamond Platnumz blah blah blah…”

wema sepetu

Meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz doesn’t spend a waking minute thinking about Wema Sepetu. Anyway, Wema Sepetu decided to speak up about the fact that Diamond Platnumz hit her.

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The unfortunate truth of the matter is that this is such a serious allegation that I for one refuse to believe that the same woman who has in the past said Diamond Platnumz will forever have her heart. One has to be honest about the fact that she had many an opportunity to raise her claims.

wema sepetu

She could have addressed the allegations even as she danced the nights away in Diamond Patnumz arms but yet here we are.

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If she can produce a character witness from among his exes, perhaps I would be inclined to believe her but for all his sins, the one allegation none of his women has made about the crooner is that he was violent. So colour me sceptical.


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