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Wema Sepetu reveals unknown details about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, now this is juicy!

April 20, 2017 at 15:10
Wema Sepetu reveals unknown details about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, now this is juicy!

Love sometimes makes us do stupid things, I bet we can all agree about this. And for this same reason, we now understand why Wema Sepetu’s mother disliked Diamond Platnumz  for wooing her daughter.

Through the True Love Magazine, the lovely Wema Sepetu finally opened about this matter and shockingly we can now see how much she had fallen for the Tanzanian singer, judging from the sacrifices she made just to be with him.

Back in the day when Wema was in love with Diamond Platnumz

Apparently Wema left United States where she had relocated to stay with her older sister, only to come back to Tanzania just to meet a man (Diamond) she had met on Facebook.

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At this point Miriam Sepetu had no idea why her daughter had returned back home. But after she discovered why, then this was just the beginning of the ‘hostile’ relationship between Miriam Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz.

“When she discovered the reason for my return, she grounded me; she was worried about me spending time with him. She didn’t like him.”

Wema was in love with Diamond Platnumz

when their love wouldn’t be stopped by anyone

Wema Sepetu goes on to add that the only way she would hangout with Diamond Platnumz is when she finds an excuse or rather has to lie to avoid upsetting her mother since she knew how much she disliked Chibu.

The actress says that it got to a point where she left with no choice but to keep her relationship on the low. Wema says once lied to her mum that she was travelling to Zimbabwe for a charity project… just to spend time with her new man at their secret hideout place, however after she was spotted by the media hanging out with Diamond in a bus her mum finally realized her daughter had been lying to her.

“My mum was furious because I was supposed to be in Zimbabwe and not with Diamond. And since my phone my phone was switched off, she managed to get his number and call him. She gave him a piece of her mind and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him, but I was young and in love and didn’t care.” She said.

Anyway having dated for 4 years, Miriam Sepetu had no choice but to accept her daughter’s relationship but towards the end of 2014 things completely changed between Wema Sepetu and Diamond after Zari now came to the picture.


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