Wema Sepetu reveals well kept secret on how to keep a man coming back!

Wema Sepetu is a swahili woman and as we all know, women from Bongo and the coast region know secrets on how to entertain a man and secure any man of your choice!

Believe me it is not through witchcraft or medicine men but the simple things most women find annoying. There are those men who will agree with me when I say women from this generation no longer know how to carter for their men; and this why most marriages no longer last more than a year!

Anyway thanks to Wema Sepetu who recently had an interview with Risasi vibes; the lass opened up to revealing a secret she was taught by her mum from way back when she was a little girl.

Wema reveals secret

Unlike most women lie to you that sex is the only way to keep a man entertained; Wema was too kind to reveal the well kept secret that has most of her exes knocking on her door after a break up.

Speaking during the interview, Wema confidently told the presenters that any man would leave her for any other reason except for her cooking.

Wema went on to reveal that there is no meal she cannot prepare at the age and time. Her passion and love for the kitchen has seen her rise to the top as Wema now owns a cooking show.

“Kwa kweli mimi najua wanaume wengi wanapenda sana msosi, sasa mimi hakuna msosi ambao unanishinda kupika au vitafunwa vyovyote, sasa mwanaume akinioa labda aniache kwa sababu nyingine tu na si kwamba mambo ya jikoni, niko vizuri,”

Since her return to the entertainment industry, Miss Wema has been receiving much love from her East African fans; and from the look of things, the actress might just be the next big thing in the entertainment industry thanks to her well organised team!

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