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Weuh: Drama between Karen Nyamu and lady linked to Samidoh takes a turn for the worst

November 10, 2022 at 11:49
Weuh: Drama between Karen Nyamu and lady linked to Samidoh takes a turn for the worst

Bernice Saroni has responded to Karen Nyamu body shamimg her after she refered to the US based promoter as one with big assets; a statement Bernice now says was demeaning coming from a woman like Karen Nyamu.

However according to Karen Nyamu she only said that as a compliment to the lady and was not aiming at hurting or picking on Bernice Saroni. To prove this, Ms Nyamu hit at a hating fan by unveiling a screenshot showing she even talks to Bernice – to help kill the ongoing rumor claiming they are beefing over the Mugiithi singer.


But again Bernice came gun blazing calling out Nyamu for implying they are friends….but wait…why is she complaining? Its showbiz ama ni mambo yao?

Bernice forcing beef?

Okay, from the comments left under Bernice’s Facebook post, it appears most felt she was now picking on Karen Nyamu who had tried downplaying their ongoing beef….probably because she knows her man depends on Bernice for the oversea events….but clearly the promoter wouldn’t have it.

Responding to Karenzo…..Samidoh’s promoter wrote;

 Eish nominated senator you are beyond this stupidity, now you have stepped on the wrong toes… Your video called wanted to know who I am then you twist the story ati we are Friends since when and how??,?… your need a mental evaluation otherwise I’ll drive you myself for therapy don’t bleed on me with your past wounds, get healing.

Okay at this point – Samidoh needs to get his house in order because we all know chances are that Bernice isnt working alone considering she us friends with Edday Nderitu….and may i remind of Eve, Delilah, Jezebel and others youre familiar with.

But then again…. did Karenzo really have to force friendship matters?


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