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Weuh! Former singer Marya claps back at fan who body shamed her over this photo

October 15, 2021 at 13:15
Weuh! Former singer Marya claps back at fan who body shamed her over this photo

Back in the day, let’s say around 2005 to 2010 some artists like Marya; the singer behind hit songs like Chokoza and were the real deal in the music industry.

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Marya and the likes of Avril gave young girls sleepless nights; and back then, they were only spotted hanging out rich men with flashy lifestyles and nothing less.

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However things for Marya changed after she dumped long term boyfriend Mustafa for a rich man named, Kevo; who had just divorced one of Mike Sonko’s relatives – so you can imagine how excited Marya was to bag such a guy.

Marua’s baby daddy

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Marriage turns sour

Just like most new couples, Marya and Kevo spent most of their dating life touring Dubai; and then boom baby happened before marriage changing everything between these two.

From what we know is that they had a bitter separation; that saw the two get nasty (like insults and mockery) on social media…Aki mapenzi wewe and that is how we lost Marya from the industry.

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Apart from battling depression caused by her separation from baby daddy and motherhood; we also understand that Marya had to come into terms with her new body – that changed from a size 8 to almost size 16/18.

Singer Marya

Trust me, that was a major change.

Trolls over the years

Well having given birth 4 years ago, Marya is still battling body trolls from fans who can’t seem to believe how much weight she put on after her first child.

Some characters here and there have been commenting on her current body; and trust me – most have nothing good to say. However as seen on one of her photos, Marya a few weeks back tackled a fun for umenona comment. The fan wrote;

🔥🔥🔥yaani ulikuwa unone hii yote?

To which Marya hit back saying;

Kunona ni free

Although change is inevitable, Marya’s weight for sure did surprise many. I mean who would have ever thought the petite singer would one day be so curvaceous? I didn’t!

Below are a few photos of Marya before the weight gain.


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