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Weuh! Jimal Rohosafi reacts to reports of impregnating ex, Amber Ray

September 05, 2022 at 16:34
Weuh! Jimal Rohosafi reacts to reports of impregnating ex, Amber Ray

Jimal Rohosafi has really given many something to talk about after he left his wife, Amira for Amber Ray only for his to later lose both of them. From what we know is that his wife left after he introduced Amber Ray as his second wife and since she couldn’t share with a husband with the socialite – she then walked after a few months.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Amber Ray on the other hand now says the reason she had to breakup with the guy is because he lied about divorcing his wife for her. From her interview, Amber Ray revealed that Jimal had told her he is divorcing Amira, only for his to post her on his page; something she says confirmed Jimal wasn’t about to leave Amira.

This guy came to me he told me that they are going through a divorce and he told me she was ok with it that’s why I was so comfortable even for us to post each other on social media.

Amber Ray learnt about Jimal’s plans of not leaving his family after learning she was pregnant. With the stress and pressure from social media, she then ended up losing her baby.

everything came to light coz after that is when he posted the wife and the kids and I felt like no something is not right.


I was going through a lot… people abusing me on social media and now am in this place am so confused about what is going on. But unfortunately or say fortunately I got a miscarriage.

Jimal on Amber Ray’s pregnancy

With the story out, we finally have Jimal’s side of the story and just wow…this guy responds to everything, even when unnecessary.

Anyway responding to a fan who wrote;

 Ex Wako Alisema ulimpea mimba😂😂(You’re ex said you impregnated her)

Jimal comfortably hit back bragging;

si mimi ndume ama😅. (Am I not a man?)

Jimal weighs in on Amber Ray’s pregnancy

Clearly he isn’t denying it and if anything – he must be very proud it happened. No?


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