Weuh! Zari Hassan leaves no stone unturned, finally tells Diamond Platnumz why he failed as a father and a partner

Image: Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz with their two children

I want to believe that by now most people have had he chance to watch Young, famous and African. Okay, I know Kenya was not featured – but again, this doesn’t mean we won’t watch or keep up with this reality show.

Young, Famous and African

So far it’s obvious to see that Diamond Platnumz and Zari the boss lady are the reason most tabloids from East Africa are making noise about the show…and yes we love it since we are also learning new things about our two East African celebrities.

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For example, imagine 4 years after Zari dumped Diamond we finally get to know why she decided to pack her bags and walked out. Well I mean, no one saw it coming…. that is judging from how this woman stuck around her baby daddy despite infidelity stories; and just like that, one day she says it’s over and that’s all we know.

Zari opens up

But thanks to the new reality show, Zari let’s her fans know her main reason for walking out; and turns out that she wasn’t bothered with the cheating and the kids Diamond Platnumz was said to have around but because he wasn’t man enough to defend both her and their kids.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz and their children

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Zari revealed this while speaking to Diamond Platnumz where she asked;

Do you ever miss us? Do you ever sit down and say I wish I had my family, I wish I had my kids here I wish I had her here?

Diamond Platnumz had no option but to say yes – but what he didn’t know is that Zari would use this same answer against him; especially judging from how he carried himself back in the day.

Being one who is not easily convinced Zari in returned countered her baby daddy saying;

It’s one thing to say I (Diamond Platnumz) messed up and you’re trying to prove I have changed.


Even the times I knew you messed up, I’ll just go quiet for the sake of peace.

Bitter truth

Having put him where she wanted him, Zari went on to explain to Diamond Platnumz why she couldn’t keep hanging on to him despite the fact that she was ready to settle down with him.

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You gave me away. You know I was here for you like I would deny for you I would take a bullet for you. But every time I stood up for you, you did the opposite. The 20 times I did that for you, you only came through two times when I did 20 times. Me and your kids were being attacked I had nowhere to hide baba T.

And lastly,

I believe you were my partner, you being my partner you’re supposed to be the head of the family. Your job is to protect me, guide, lead, advise and you didn’t do that for me. I was left alone standing…thinking where I’m I supposed to go? You were supposed to be there for me. You were never there for me.

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