“Wewe ni mchawi!” Pendo accuses Bridget Achieng of trying to bewitch her!

Nairobi Diaries Bridget Achieng and Pendo were once good friends but they no longer see eye to eye. The two ladies have been having issues for a while now and their situation seems to be over heating!

During the recent Nairobi Diaries reunion that went down about a week ago; the two ladies finally came face to face and boy it didn’t go so well.

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Apart from the drama portrayed by the other casts, there was real name calling between Pendo and Bridget. According to Bridget Achieng, she feels that Pendo’s bitterness towards her is caused by jealousy.

Pendo on the other hand claims that Bridget Achieng is as fake as the Gucci she steps out wearing. She goes on to add that the lady is a witch who has been trying to bewitch her.

“Huyu (Bridget Achieng) ndio mchawi, Kila siku anajaribu kuniroga”


Socialite drama in Nairobi

The Nairobi Diaries show has been able to show Kenyans what happens behind the fancy lives of our socialites.

What many don’t know is their Instagram lives and normal lives are totally different. They struggle to portray a certain standard of living but unfortunately end up giving up!

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