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What a mix of races and tribes! Citizen TV’s Victoria Rubadiri opens up her nationality and 13 year old daughter

September 06, 2018 at 09:41
What a mix of races and tribes! Citizen TV's Victoria Rubadiri opens up her nationality and 13 year old daughter

Victoria Rubadiri has finally opened up about her roots in an exclusive interview with fellow Citizen TV co-anchor Jeff Koinange.

Rubadiri’s nationality has confused many people because of her mixed background; her mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, her father is Malawian, her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and her grandmother is Kikuyu, Maasai and Seychelloise.

Speaking during an interview on Hot 96, Rubadiri clarified that she is a Kenyan citizen by birth. She revealed that she was born in Nairobi before her family moved to US.

“I was born here in Nairobi, Kenya spent 10 years of my life here then we transported ourselves to the United States of America. Yes i am a Kenyan,” said Rubadiri.

Strange origin

Rubadiri explained that the origin of the name ‘Rubadiri’ came from her great grandfather who was captured as a slave and sent to Oman.

“What happened is that my great grandfather was taken as a slave to Oman. When he came back to Malawi of course he converted to Islam he would pray five times a day, very staunch Muslim so his fellow villagers wondered what is he saying coz he was praying in Arabic so they would imitate him, make fun of him and say ‘am rubadiri ama rubadiri’ so he said you know what, I liked that am take that and that became a family name ‘Rubadiri’ and we just kept it on for the next generation,” she explained.


The Citizen TV anchor also talked about her 13-year-old daughter. She revealed that her girl is passionate about animals and that she wants to be a veterinary doctor when she grows up.

Watch the full interview in the video below:






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