What a woman! Akothee fiercely weighs in on Tanzanian actress Shilole’s domestic attack

Kenyan celebrity singer, Akothee is a disturbed mother and single woman after witnessing Tanzanian actress’ Shilole’s dramatic domestic violence.

Soon as word reached her, the mother of 5 severely censured Shilole’s husband for his acts and brutality on the poor woman.

Left nursing a black eye, face fully scared and a woman you deeply feel sorry for the minute you see the end result of the beating.

Shilole beaten black and blue

Akothee speaks!

Akothee could not understand how a woman will sacrifice everything to keep her marriage going – however rocky, but this is the kind of payback her husband gives her.

it’s not that we are weak and can’t fight back , it’s the respect and love that we have for you that brings submission.

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This kind of action of uproting women’s eyes and beating them like snakes is only done with men without morals and behaviours.


Nursing her fellow woman’s wounds, she expressed:

@officialshilole this hurts and as a single mother you need your energy to take care of your children and your business .This mother fucker will have another woman the very day of your burial if things got out of hands and you loose your life ????.any Man who can do this to you , really don’t have attachment to your life.

Speaking of her own experience, Akothee admitted:

I have dated imbeciles before , & when it had to reach my body ,my friend the door. They stole my money and even gossip about me with my own employees ????????????, my FRIEND THE DOOR . ITS BETTER TO BE ALONE THAN BEING IN A FATAL LONELY RELATIONSHIP.

Businesswoman, Akothee

But warned:

The way I invest in my body ,if one idiot lay his hands on me one day???????????? ,I don’t know if I will call police or sergeant at arm’s. I think The president will adress the nation that day. Or his mother will find both of us in Jail. If my security guards don’t squiiiiize his balls to level Zero before ambulance ambulance will do it’s work ????

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