What Bien’s revelation about Size 8 says about her character

Image: Size 8 reborn

Bien revealed to the world that he was taken aback by Size 8’s decision to leave a multimillion shilling deal on the table and follow her heart and soul as it led her to the redeemer.

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To understand just why this is so monumental, you need to understand that in Kenya, there are very few opportunities for artists to actually make a lot of money. And I know many will counter that point by pointing to the few who make money but I am not talking vernacular artists.
Today we are strictly discussing secular, urban artists. And the opportunities for them to make money are few and far between.

Size 8 during her secular days

So Bien, having a full understanding of this fact, was shocked to find out that Size 8 was willing to pull out of a tour sponsored by one of the few companies in Kenya with the money to change an artist’s life.
Speaking of which, you know how your wahenga told you never to thumb your nose at a gift horse? That is the very logic here. Safaricom doesn’t come knocking at your door twice. When given the opportunity to work with them, should you snub them, they will make it very difficult for you to work with them.

DJ Mo and Size 8: Celebrity relationships done right

Size 8 knew this and still followed her conviction. First, she needs to vie for elective office. If she has this much integrity, then she would be a responsible office holder. Secondly, this had to have been a huge leap of faith; she trusted her God and personal saviour to bring more deals in future.

Size 8 is indeed a rare breed. So rare is she that when Bien was confronted by her faith, he was shocked. Now contrast this to say, Tanasha and you understand why I said I highly doubt she will last as a Muslim for long. All it will take is for the next high-value male to come and sweep her off her feet and she will be a fully-fledged marching Legio Maria member and skilled Isikuti drummer.

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And Size 8 has held onto her faith steadfastly and has arguably been rewarded for it as she has grown from strength to strength, even landing other major deals that have seen her net worth swell. So what does all this say about the gospel singer’s character?

Size 8 transformation
Size 8 before (left) and now (right)

As I pointed out, she has integrity. And beyond integrity, she is truly a woman of faith. However, it would be wise for her partner, her husband, DJ Mo to temper this fact about her character as she would easily become whimsical. Size 8 is a woman of conviction who money cannot sway and this is truly a testament to just how wonderful a creature she is -in a Kenya where anyone can be bought!

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