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What does DJ Fatxo know? Jeff Mwathi will never get justice

March 15, 2023 at 17:53
What does DJ Fatxo know? Jeff Mwathi will never get justice

DJ Fatxo has been in the news for several weeks now following the death of his acquaintance Jeff Mwathi who plummeted to his end while at the DJ’s house following a night out of partying.

Why the DJ Fatxo case is really scary

The DJ’s first utterance is on social media betrayed a lack of care or concern for the outcome of the investigations. Kenyans quickly picked up on it and began to demand for justice. This cry is what has sprung the DCI into action.

And so now there’s a lot of people baying for DJ Fatxo’s blood because the manner in which Jeff Mwathi was killed was barbaric. And there are also allegations that the poor boy might have been sodomized.

DJ Fatxo should just shut up

Despite the sensational manner in which the young man met his death Northern Moor lurid details of the state of his body, one thing is certain and that is the fact that he will not get justice.

I did not say this because I am a DJ Fatxo sympathizer but me and because I am a pragmatist who is Reading the signs of the times and one thing that must be said for this country of ours is the fact that justice is a luxury only the wealthy and connected can afford.

Andrew Kibe went too far in rubbishing Jeff Mwathi’s death

The Conspiracy surrounding Jeff Mwathi is one that involves even police officers who had already ruled the matter as suicide without having performed even the smallest amount of investigating. Let me repeat that again for the people in the back, the police did not even perform a shoddy investigation but rather choose to claim this an open and shut case of self-deletion.

For now given how ramped-up it is in the powers that be how to put on a dog and pony show claiming that they are seeking Justice for the deceased however once the hue and then has died down we will all forget about this case and move on the lives. DJ Fatxo will still continue to play music at the kids his calls and he will still continue to allegedly be supported by powerful women both of enterprise and government.

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