What influencers should learn from Yummy Mummy’s beef with Edgar Obare

Image: Tea master, Edgar Obare

Yummy Mummy and Edgar Obare are currently involved in a running beef that is rather interesting to watch unfold. I am not entirely clear on how it all started but what I do know is that it was further escalated when the Instagram microblogger suffered an intense allergic reaction to seafood when he visited a popular eatery and coffee house.

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Yummy Mummy (or as I gather, Joan) was unnecessarily mean and sardonic in her response to the information. She in effect celebrated the fact that Edgar Obare (a man who seems to have as many enemies as hair follicles in his beard) nearly died, saying he is old enough to know his food allergies so it is all his own fault. The sentiment she championed was shared by a lot of people who toasted her for roasting a man who was admitted to hos[ital simply because they dislike him.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare’s allergic reaction

Edgar Obare and Yummy Mummy then seemed to agree to let sleeping dogs lie. Only they weren’t done with their beef. Edgar Obare simply had bigger fish to fry what with his legal cases and his kidnapping episode. He had some seriously messed up existential crises he had to overcome. And wouldn’t you know it, Yummy Mummy too decided to focus on her own business as an influencer. But thing is, she kept taking shots at him though largely subliminal though.

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But as life would have it, Yummy Mummy got caught up in a small business spat. She is being accused by one of her clients of doing her dirty and whether or not there is some sort of business malfeasance, we aren’t going to be debating that. What we will be discussing is just how stupid it is for Joan to opt to go to war with a man whose brand isn’t merely himself but as one of a media company in essence. You see, when it comes to beef, when an individual brand goes up against an individual brand like rappers do when they clash with their peers, the damage wrought can be mitigated. They largely have the same resources (themselves) and their small entourage but when you are a solitary individual going against a bigger entity, you are in trouble.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare

Long after Yummy Mummy’s relevancy is gone, Edgar Obare will still be giving people tea. And he now has a team in back of him. He has a team that he can dedicate to posting nonsense about Yummy Mummy -who we should point out has done enough to make herself look terrible especially with her recent tiff with a small business owner over some merchandise she was gifted.

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How long do you think a media entity can run such a story? And all it would have taken to contain the situation would be for Joan to let it go. Just let go of the beef because when you do indeed have some major beef, trust that Edgar Obare will be all over it like melanin is all over you and you will be crying about how he is biased/ unfair. Anyway, what do I know?

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Edgar Obare

And make no mistake about it, all this adverse attention Edgar Obare is shining on Yummy Mummy is adversely affecting her business. You see, while both have commercialized their content, Edgar Obare is chiefly in control of his while Joan is dependent on bog corporations. And one thing about these brands is that they do not take too kindly to being associated with the type of heat she is attracting to herself by talking smack to small entrepreneurs. The threat of being cancelled is a real one that she is ignoring and it will come back to bite her in the derriere. But not everyone can see that far into the future.

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