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What Kibe Gets Right Despite All His Crap

December 06, 2022 at 13:07
What Kibe Gets Right Despite All His Crap

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is among the celebrities with balls to address wrongs that most people would rather not talk about.

After divorcing his wife, Kibe claims it helped him become the best relationship coach.

“Jose Mourinho never participated in any major competition as a player but he is currently one of the best managers. I too do not have to be married for me to give you the right advise. Hao watoto wenu kama wamekua vichwa ngumu muwalete kwangu, I am a strict parent, ” he claimed.

Kibe On Track

Mercedes E350 Leaves Kibe Drooling - YouTube


Kibe has been on the limelight for long over his obnoxious advice. But some of them have sufficed and been hailed by his followers.

However, Kibe is a sucker for love; and he roots for loyalty over royalty. This adds a positive about him. Additionally, he has proved to be a hardworking man; who advices others to do the same.

He recently bought his new Mercedes Benz with content creation. It seems like his YouTube videos are earning him millions.

With that in mind, Kibe advices his fellow men to put in more effort and be consistent . These are among the things he gets right and makes him stay relevant.


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