What we should learn from Jamal Roho Safi, Amberay and Amira

Jamal Roho Safi, Amira and Amberay are playing out a very destructive scene. The trio is playing out their drama in such a toxic fashion, you cannot help but feel bad for all the children involved.

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But we aren’t here to commiserate with all the hurt hearts, we are here to see what we can learn from the matter. And the first thing we are going to look into is the fact that Jamal’s family ain’t shit if they haven’t yet stepped in to set him straight.

Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi with Amberay

Where are these clowns families? Where are those uncles that Jamal Roho Safi introduced to his second wife? Where are his aunties? Or perhaps they are scared to say anything because he is the most financially successful member of the Marlow family.

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But then we must also ask where his friends and mentors are. Does he have any or does he simply surround himself with yes-men? People who are mere cheerleaders and chorus dancers and it troubles me that this man has immersed himself in an echo chamber.

And then there is the manner in which he is handling the fights going on between Amberay and Amira. There is the fact that he has not built with Amberay. She came with what she had, she came as the socialite trollop she was. However, he has built with Amira. And his scarcity mentality does not allow him to simply put his foot down.

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This shows that he has no control over his household. he is not the man in his family. He might be high networth but he is not high value. that is why these two women are not under his control and guidance. they are busy destroying each other and him online and all he has the power to do is to hold his cojones and watch their drama unfold. He is limp.

As for Amira, we get it, she is fighting for her family. But sometimes it is easier to just remain silent and focus on the children than engage with a woman who knows what it means to be nasty. She needs to sober up and temper how she is responding to the provocation. She basically has to learn to shut up.

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What Amira thinks she is accomplishing by fighting for her family is actually counter to what she wants. let Jamal Marlow do his thing and you focus on building up a business. We have seen that he was the one who pursued Amberay which means she is a symptom of the problem and she needs to focus on the actual problem and keep their fights offline and in the confines of their bedroom.

Amber Ray and Amira

As for Amberay, I have nothing to say to a trollop. Yes, you might have money but you can’t buy class. This is the second time you have been married as a second wife and you will eventually have to answer for the chaos you kick up. And trust me when I say your son will also introduce chaos to your life because all you have taught him is entropy.

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