What Lilian Muli’s assertion that she chases after men says about her

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Kizuri chajiuza Kibaya chajitembeza is clearly not a methali that Lilian Muli pays any attention to. I must admit that I was only just reminded of it in a recent conversation I was having with a friend of mine about the fact that Ms Muli declared that she doesn’t get a lot of cheesy pick-up lines used on her because she is usually the one doing the pursuing of men.

Lilian Muli is an example of why you must never take Kenyan celeb advice seriously

That broke my heart because it is an admission that Lilian Muli is making that reveals to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that the men who used to pursue her, all the men who used to hit up her phone line -all those men that were of value have since moved on. That means that whenever she is in an area with high-value men, she ends up having to do the pursuing. This situation reminds me of a word that most women Lilian Muli’s age and who are single understand: humility.

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You see, Ms Muli was once one of the hottest brands on television. She was once counted among the hottest young things that made many a man and older boy tune in to watch prime time news. Those days are now long gone and the only things she has to show for them are a broken marriage and memories.

Why Lilian Muli crying about her love life deserves no sympathy

It isn’t hard to imagine situations in which men fell over each other in competition to vie for Lilian Muli’s attention. It isn’t hard to imagine situations in which men went as far as to take loans simply to treat her to exotic dates only for them to wind up servicing said loans as they nursed their wounded pride.

lilian muli
Lilian Muli throws shade at stalker

Yet in 2020 we find ourselves in a situation where Lilian Muli has to do the chasing. We find ourselves in situations in which we can easily recollect her failed relationship with Jared Nevaton that culminated in an explosive post on her Instagram account in which she accused him of being a community husband. Clearly Ms Muli wants to settle down and get to experience her happily ever after. Afterall, her ex-husband has found his.

Lilian Muli should now accept to become a co-wife

And this isn’t a dig at her, I am truly sympathetic to the fact that she is buzzer-beating. She is clearly racing against time because men value youth and as each day rolls by, father time cruelly strips her of this. And that leaves her options for a happily ever after down to divorcees and polygamists and perhaps that is just the silver lining this opinion piece should end on.

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