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What Mwalimu Rachel told Sailors after crawling back to her in 2021

January 17, 2022 at 16:35
What Mwalimu Rachel told Sailors after crawling back to her in 2021

Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has finally opened up about her ugly ‘breakup’ with Sailors; a gengetone boy band she had been managing since 2017’ish.

As you already know, Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors became an item in 2019 on 5th April; after the boy band approached her hoping to push their song Wamlambez through her YouTube channel since the song was already a number hit in Kenya.

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In July of the same year, Rachel however says she created another YouTube channel which they would use as they official page.

Tbt: Sailors with Mwalimu Rachel

“I had to convince them that they needed their own channel and in time they would gain even more subscribers than me. They reluctantly agreed. And so I started the channel from scratch, went to Ngomma to have them in charge of collecting royalties and protect their content on YouTube.

Things however took a different turn towards the end of 2019 as they got poached by Black Market Label; which they signed a legal deal to but without Mwalimu Rachel knowing. Speaking about this in early 2020, the NRG presenter revealed;

Sailors, led by Miracle Baby, approached this record company and signed a deal with them. Without my knowledge

The drama and regrets

To cut the story short, looks like Mwalimu Rachel got paid for Equity, Ownership and Return On investment; but Sailors on the other hand started losing their touch with the fans hence their current silence. But oh wait, the pandemic also highly contributed to their fall.

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Anyway about a year later, Mwalimu Rachel says that she was approached by the boys (don’t forget they took her to court and the messy scandal) hoping she would probably take them back.

Although the presenter did not share so much information on why they contacted her in October, 2021; it’s kinda obvious to see why they would crawled back.

Mwalimu Rachel

Speaking during her recent interview, the radio presenter said;

I told them they first talk to their new label so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

I guess it’s just her being cautious after all that drama and like the saying goes, once bitten…..


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