What Natalie Tewa’s friends need to remind her about her alleged situation

Image: Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa has been the topic of conversation for several days now after netizens convinced themselves that it was she whose handbag was spotted on a private jet with Joho and Junet and Edgar Obare confirmed that she had indeed received a visa allowing her to visit Dubai on the corresponding days.

Natalie Tewa responds to rumors linking her to Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho (Photo)

Natalie Tewa became the latest lady linked to Joho and people have been piping up about how she is playing herself or not depending on where they lie on the morality police spectrum.

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It was also very interesting to see people drag in the two men she had entanglements with prior to all this hullabaloo in the form of Rnaze and Muchai and I believe this is to draw a contrast between her past and present.

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The situation Natalie Tewa is currently enjoying at the moment, shitting on private jets and getting to enjoy the best delicacies and options money can buy and we cannot begrudge her for falling for the temptation and allure of the high life is understandable. Most women who are talking about her are simply doing so out of envy for her current position.
Most people hating on her are doing so out of a hatred for their current situation and they feel they would be better suited to be the apple of a powerful man’s eyes.

natalie tewa

However, her friends need to remind Natalie Tewa of the truth that she is an alleged sugar baby and would be wise to remember that even as she plays the position. She needs to be reminded this is a situation that is “transitory”. It will come to an end and that end will have some very humbling realities tied to it.

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Natalie Tewa is in need of a reminder that while she is enjoying the sweetest things life has to offer, a day will come and indeed is already on its way when she will no longer have access to the man who has opened her up to the finest things in life. When that day comes, nothing will satisfy her.

natalie tewa

Natalie Tewa needs to understand that she needs to look at the best possible outcome in all this; being a second wife. That is the only way in which if the situation is confirmed to be more than a simple allegation, that her family will not be dragged through the mud.

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This is the only way after all is said and done, she will meet men who will take her seriously and indeed be focused on starting a family with her. Because the worst of it is that she might end up chasing the dragon and trying to get a hit of the high life from any man who can provide it.

But at the end of the day, beauty is its own reward. However, I for one would give your right arm and both legs to be a fly on the wall during that difficult conversation between Natalie Tewa and her parents when they were sent all these memes.


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