What next for Bahati?

Bahati was supposed to vie for the Mathare parliamentary seat on a Jubilee/ Azimio la Umoja ticket. The ticket was revoked early on but after he successfully lobbied, it was returned to him only for it to be revoked again recently and he is angry at not just the party but also at Edwin Sfuna for some utterances he made. I am reiterating what transpired for you to stay in the know and for me to meet the word count.

Willy Paul Advices Bahati To Quit Political Race & Focus On Music (Screenshot)

That said and done, he has already sunk a lot of money into trying to win the seat and was already campaigning only for this curve ball to be thrown his way and now he is out of the race again. What is he to do and what lies ahead for him?

Well, right from the onset, Bahati is ahead of the pack. he needs o stay political and virtue signalling every possible virtue he can mount atop his shoulders. What do I mean by this? Well, he needs to stick to what he has already been doing which has been working for him.

Bahati Hurls Unprintable Insults At Shebesh And Sifuna For Terming Him Young & Incompetent For Mathare MP

At the end of the day, he is 28 years old. By the next election cycle, he will be 33 years old. In other words, he will still be a young man and he will still be able to stimulate the youth vote and if he does his bit right, he will have enough support and clout to go the independent route.

I mean, sure, Bahati could very well decide to support the party opposing his party of choice but he will simply look butthurt. No one would take him seriously if h were to decamp to UDa and at the end of the day, while he might get a bureaucratic posting, it would only be for as long as the government that appoints him lasts.

Singer Bahati Maintains His Jubilee Ticket For Mathare MP (Video)

On the other hand, he could possibly stay out in the rain with the rest of us and become the voice of dissension. he could begin to champion the average mwananchi’s grievances and from there, he can package himself as a man who has grown into his position. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

The question that remains unanswered is whether or not he will choose to play the long con or he will chase after instant gratification and even then, I do not think we can blame him because he has been using his personal finances thus far to finance his campaigns which means he has a huge hole in his pocket. ut ultimately, when faced with this crossroad, only Bahati can make the decision.

At this point, he can reconstruct the image people have in their heads of him. Right now when you think of Bahati what you think of is a man who wears dresses and cries a lot You think of a cuckold man-child whose wife has to carry his entire household. Sounds rough but for the moment that is what people think of him. He needs to rebuild from the ground up!

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