What next for Carol Sonnie?

Carol Sonnie is now at a crossroads. On the one side is a huge question mark on what will become of her career as an influencer and on the other hand is a huge question mark on whether or not she’s going to be able to establish a family.

Carol Sonnie is proof it’s a man’s world

And by that I don’t mean becoming a baby mama once again but rather becoming a wife and mother and doing things the right way. She was previously dating comedian Mulamwah but that relationship imploded in a rather scandalous manner with both parties taking their grievances to social media and washing their dirty linen in public.

After that we were treated to a rather tantalizing tale about Carol Sonnie’s new man whom her ex claimed she had while they were still together in a sense that she had cheated on him with her new man. That was a rather short-lived relationship and after the Glitz and glamour of posting him we are back to factory settings.

Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah are the perfect example of irresponsible parenting

The thing you need to understand about her is the fact that she’s still young and attractive which means if she were to play her cards right she can still learn the high-value man.

Carol Sonnie baby bump

You really think about it Carol Sonnie is also fortunate enough to have created a baby with a Luhya man and the reason for this is that culturally Luhya men are supposed to take the child with them when the couple splits. So if she were to meet a man who doesn’t want to play another man saved game or doesn’t want to eat another man’s leftover (family) this is always an option.

Carol Sonnie finally ready to move on

As for her career we have to be very honest in the sense that though she is immensely popular she isn’t exactly a content creator. Is popular for the simple reason that she is attractive. I don’t even think she earns enough money from her social media accounts for her to sustain herself and her daughter which would explain why child support is a big issue between her and Mulamwah.

Mulamwah and ex, Carol Sonnie

If you are friend of mine or relative I would advise her to go the wifely route. I would sit her down and explain to her that she is attractive enough to get men but you need to learn discernment so that she knows which men are chasing after her simply for her supple innards and which men are chasing after her to wife her. Because up to now Carol Sonnie has shown a poor sense of judgement with regard to this difference.

Mulamwah vs Carol Sonnie: When weak men meet city girls

I would tell her to use her social media to display her feminine side. That means that she should display a side of her that is more traditionally associated with feminine charm and guile and for her to allow her father and brothers to vet them sliding into her DMs or those who are simply just hitting on her in real life.

Short of this we’re going to have a situation in which Carol Sonnie becomes a serial baby mama with five different baby daddies.

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