What next for Chipukeezy after his stint as NACADA board member?

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Chipukeezy’s brand has gone so stale, the only time he features in any conversation, it is because of his membership on the NACADA board or his simping with his former girlfriend Kibanja.

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The lad who is first and foremost a comedian has let go of his craft to the point the last time he was featured in a conversation about comedy, let alone an actual comedic show was back when he had a show that was published on YouTube with another one of his former girlfriends who called herself Empwess *insert forgettable name here*.

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And this in and of itself is a huge problem for Chipukeezy who might not have thought things through because you see, the members of the NACADA board sit at the sitting president’s discretion. That means, his stint will be up in 2022 when Kenyans next have a say in the general elections.

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What next for Chipukeezy?

Well, he has three options that would give him varying degrees of success should they work but they also come with different degrees of risks.


Let us start with the most obvious, Chipukeezy couple always go back to radio.
It can be argued that he got his best success that allowed him to reach a much wider audience when he was a radio personality and comedian. He acted as a foil to Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso’s serious approach to life on their Kiss100 drive show. And perhaps after he is don serving the people of Kenya on the NACADA board, he could go back to that and who knows, he just might be able to get back on Kiss100.

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The problem with this play is that it would, in essence, be hustling backwards. He would in effect be moving back to familiar tried and tested grounds for him so there will really be no challenges that would stimulate his mind.


A second option could be for Chipukeezy to turn to politics.
Chipukeezy could follow his friend and mentor Jaguar’s footsteps and take a stab at seeking a parliamentary or even MCA seat. All he really would need is some political acumen that would be enough for him to read which political party is the popular option in his constituency of choice.

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The problem here is that to get into politics, some big shot with deep pockets has to take an interest in not only you as a person but the constituency of your choosing. Political party elections are the most treacherous part of elections and for you to win the ticket of your choosing, the powers that be have to vouch for you (yes, Kenya is that corrupt). Then Chipukeezy would have to have some deep pockets to finance his campaigns.

Chipukeezy with empwess kewwy

The third option is for Chipukeezy to set up a platform for discovering new comedic talent.
This is the least glamorous, most taxing approach to success that Chipukeezy could undertake. It would involve him looking for some funding and then mentoring young talent and getting a show on one of the national TV networks. All that would need a team built around Chipukeezy but this would give him the most satisfaction and some serious longevity. To get a scope of what it would entail, look at Churchill and his Churchill Live show and his Laugh Industry company.

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