What Tanasha Donna should learn from her Memphis performance

Well, Tanasha Donna could start by learning that I am always right. She has no fan base to speak of. And that is entirely her fault -but, it’s not all gloom and doom.

Tanasha Donna is entitled for trying to force us to support her music

Remember when I said she should have been churning out music at a prolific rate right after her split from Diamond Platnumz? That was when all of East Africa was busy focusing on her and her life.

Tanasha Donna-IG

Now that she knows she doesn’t have any real fans of her musical talents, she can finally begin to actually build her career in earnest. Think about it. She knows what she needs to do. It is not a surprise that fans do not request her songs on the radio, and her songs do not get heavy rotation on music platforms…

”Support Your Own!” Tanasha Donna Urges Kenyans To Support Local Music

And the only way she can build a true fanbase is by actually making a lot of music to appeal to different occasions. She needs songs that are simple-minded earworms that do great as club bangers. She needs radio hits as well. And finally, she needs music that showcases her vocal range and talents -something for the critics as it were.

Musician Tanasha Donna

Instead, she puts out music at such a lazy rate, it is clear she assumes the level of fame she had while she was sharing a bed with Diamond Platnumz is what she is entitled to for the rest of her life -after all, she bore a son by him. Tanasha is in for a rude awakening if she doesn’t actually change her perspective.

Diamond Platnumz’ and Tanasha Donna’s son turns 1

You’re a musician so this is a no brainer. Make more music. Make better music. Actually, engage your fans and stop doing BS social media interactions.

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