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When you reveal more than you want to: Noti Flow’s reason for posting nude pics

February 03, 2021 at 11:01
Noti Flow

Noti Flow whose real names are Florence Kutoto is known more for her nude pictures and flaunting her sexual escapades than she is for her music which I would argue is quite a shame but that is what she wants for herself.

Noti Flow is right about women dating rich men but…

And the thing about her is no one can argue that Noti Flow is not a sexy female. She has a body a lot of women (your girlfriend included) would kill to get -because Kenyan women do not believe in actually hitting the gym to attain their body goals.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow only gets around low value men

What is also of note as I mentioned earlier is the fact that Noti Flow is also not shy about sharing intimate details about her relationships and also the fact that she shares intimate photos that they have taken. She has done this while dating Prezzo, Colonel Mustafa and all the other no-name guys who have been simping around her. And I do mean that all the men who have dated her have been simps.

It’s over! Noti Flow dumps hot Caucasian boyfriend barely months after hooking up

Why do I say so? Because there isn’t a self-respecting man who will date a woman while and be okay with her sharing nude selfies and other nude photos on social media. So how does Noti Flow get away with this degenerate behaviour? It is either because the men she dates only see her as a fun-time girl or because all the men she dates and indeed, all the men in her life are low-value men.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow defends herself

She recently took to social media to defend herself against comments she had no doubt been receiving over her nudies and I am guessing they were informed by the assumption that women sho share such content are easy to bed. This is actually a very reasonable assumption to make because we only ever see women who are involved in sex work. Is Noti Flow involved in that line of work or is she just bad at making decisions that will have longterm effects on her image on into the future?

Noti Flow

Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

That is the question she has to ask herself but also, what really caught my eye when she defended herself against such assumptions is the fact that she keeps taking such photos because she hasn’t really been around high-value men.

Benzema reveals why he turned down Noti Flow despite being in a position to bed her (Video)

You see, were Noti Flow around high-value men, she would have known they do not tolerate their partner doing certain things. Why you ask? Well because given the fact they are together as a couple, what their partner does reflects on them whether negatively or positively.

Noti Flow

Ex-lovers, Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Were she dating say a lawyer or a banker or a doctor or even a successful businessman,. were she dating men of any sort of ambition, hell, even men who harbour political ambition (Kenya is a kakistocracy yet this example still holds true) they would have asked Noti Flow to cut the bullshit or simply have dumped her. I would go as far as to argue even men of value who might not be high networth -yet- would not want a partner sharing the content that Noti Flow shares.

“He doesn’t use protection!” Noti Flow exposes Ochungulo family’s Benzema

And that is even before we go into the jealous nature of masculine love. You see, men of value see no point in hiding who they are or neutering their masculinity so they would simply admit the truth that if their woman shared her nudes on social media like Noti Flow does would be a deal-breaker. They would end the relationship or at best, demote the lady in question from a serious relationship role to simple jump-off status.

Noti Flow

Noti Flow and her soy-boy lover

In essence, what her rather stupid brave assertion has clarified is the fact that she isn’t around high-value men. And if by some miracle of the rule of outliers she is, then they see as nothing more than a playmate.

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