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When your star stops shining: Ephy Saint’s fight for relevance

May 14, 2020 at 17:46
ephy saint

Some of you might still remember just who Ephy Saint and therein lies the problem. The former model slash actor doesn’t get the same level of recognition his peers such as Nick Mutuma and Sarah Hassan get, instead, being consigned to kaburi la sahau along with Ian Mugoya.

Ephy saint

Ephy Saint was arguably the more accomplished of the class, having even gotten the opportunity to work with continental productions (no, not Suga) -actual productions that were created with the aim of making it big in showbiz. He was also a model and many a lass would swoon for him.

“I hope someday you will choose to see the good in me…” Ephy Saint’s emotional letter to Chantelle Petit

But for some reason, after he alleged that he had been sired by some Nollywood big-time actor who subsequently denied him like Petero, his star begun to dwindle. It was as if he had become radio-active and many a production didn’t want to work with him. All we can do is speculate the reason why he no longer stars in TV productions but one thing that is clear to anyone with a perception level above that of an iguana, he is hurting for attention.

ephy saint

Ephy Saint who was last recently on the entertainment radar because his baby mama was busy washing and hanging their dirty linen in public has taken to turning his Instagram account private before making it more of a softcore production celebrating displaying various female forms as well as his own.
And while the argument can be made that this is simply an artistic expression, it could also be made that this is a simple way of attracting attention while virtue signalling.

And I am convinced it is the case of the latter because this wasn’t always what Ephy Saint’s page was about. It used to be a wholesome reflection of the aspects of his life that he was comfortable sharing. That soon took a turn for the erotic when he began to practice photography and would use Brenda Wairimiu as his muse.

Is Brenda Wairimu the reason behind Ephy Saint and Chantelle’s nasty break up?

Whatever the case may be, Ephy Saint has managed to indeed attract attention as his comment section has become a den of male feminists and virtue signallers who are only too eager to join in the celebration of the female form and the periodic rants against the media bloggers and whatever pet peeve will have irked his social justice warrior heart on the given day.

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