“Where is the law” Catherine Kamau demanding justice for the 4000 pregnant minors in Machakos

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Catherine Kamau is a favorite to many. And this is because the actress has always has always been real and from the look of things; she might just be the voice young women need to listen to.

Just recently the lady went on her instagram account sharing an important message; where she schooled her followers on the importance of educating and protecting the girl child.

Her post comes just a few hours after 4000 minors from Machakos were reported to be pregnant. This is because of children remain at home due to the on going pandemic lockdown.

However, with this kids at home and no money to survive on, most of these young girl have turned to older men for small cash; and now most are expectant with their first children on the way.

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Educate your sons

As much as the young girls are to blame; Catherine Kamau also feels that parents should also step in and talk to their daughter’s on the importance of waiting for the right time.

Catherine Kamau with her fiancé, Phil Karanja

My heart is completely broken ???? the teenage pregnancies statistics reported earlier this week (if factual ) are shocking , we need to speak louder IT IS NOT OKAY , BABIES ARE NOT ACCESSORIES, YOUNG QUEENS PLEASE WAIT . YOUR TIME WILL COME . However Some of them are victims of rape and fallen pregnant as a result , ????????‍♀️, where is the law ??

Being a mother of 2, Catherine Kamau also feels that the boy child should be schooled since it takes two to tangle and the girl child should not be blamed alone. This is also because some of the pregnancies were brought by forced sex (rape) and the culprits continue to stroll around free.

She went on to add saying;

We need to have this conversation with our sons too , takes 2 to tangle , we must raise a better generation.

Lastly, the popular actress concluded by saying;

This is heavy ???? N/B did this video last year , it’s on YouTube

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