Which P-Unit member has been most successful after they split up?

I recently came across across a fire mix tape by P-Unit and it got me thinking, what if the group was still together? Would they still be relevant today? Would anyone bother to listen to them? Who has been the most successful?

You could argue that Bon Eye, Frasha and Buganya – the trio who make up the group – are still together since they occasionally release songs as P-Unit but deep down you also know that the group is long dead.

I’ve always been a huge fan of P-Unit, probably their biggest fan in Kenya. From the days of Si Lazima, Kushoto Kulia, You Guy, to the most recent single dubbed Fire. I just love their music!

They treated Kenyans to several hits before they decided to go separate ways in 2015. After 14 years in the game, P-Unit members had decided that they wanted to pursue solo careers.

At the time, it seemed like a bitter pill to swallow. However, when they started releasing their solo songs, I realized it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Since 2015, Gabu has released songs such as Dirunk, Wabe, Be Nice, Simple Lover, No Spine, Mastory just to name a few.

In 2017, he teamed up with Steven Ogechi, CMB Prezzo and a couple of other guys to establish Kompakt Records which is among the most revered record labels in Kenya today.


Frasha, on the other hand, has featured in dope collabos such as Shigidi, Dandia, Wale Wabaya, Uongo, Kuthibu, just to name a few.

In 2017, he contested for a Member of County (MCA) seat in Athi River, Machakos County but lost.

Bon Eye stayed away from music sometime after the group split up. However, he had a change of heart in 2017 and decided to help Eric Musyoka run Decimal Records.

Since the group slit up, he has released Bad Boy featuring Avril and featured in hits such as Drinx Na Mayenx, Appetite and Wamlambez.

As you can tell, each of the group members has been doing his own thing since the group split up and this begs the question, who is the most successful?

To be honest it does not really matter. In as much as we want the old P-Unit back maybe they figured out that the only way they would continue to be relevant was by splitting up and it has worked for them.

As such, we should celebrate Bon Eye, Gabu and Frasha equally for the roles they’ve played and continue to play in shaping up the local music industry.


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