Who’s Laughing Now? Khaligraph Shuts Down Tanonane By Using His Slang ‘Kwani Kesho’ In His New Track

Wizzo Tanonane has ignited a beef between him and rapper Khaligraph Jones, after claiming that the musician is mis-using his slang ‘Kwani ni kesho’. Turns out, Khaligraph Jones isn’t bothered much by him; and has responded to him in the most shrewd manner.

Khaligraph has used Wizzo’s slang in his latest track, which is set to be released this Friday, 11th June.

Diss Or Clout?

In addition, most people have accused Wizzo for chasing clout using Khaligraph Jones. But the doesn’t hesitate to give his savage response to such accusations.

Wizzo had previously dissed Khaligraph of wearing fake chain and attires;

”Hakuna mtu ana chase apa fame ya net. Issue ilikuwa outfits zako na sneakers na chain ni mbwakni”

Khali has now hit back at Wizzo by captioning his music’s teaser video;

”Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo; Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo, natangeneza Nayo Banger. Its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected. On Friday, I drop this pale YouTube. Be ready.”

Most celebrities have applauded Khaligraph on the comment section for making this smart move.

Masauti responded;

”Hio ndio dawaaaa”

Bien reacted;


This beef is going to be short-lived after the release of the song. Let’s wait and see Wizzo’s response.


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